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Hyperion - Frers Designed, Huisman Built 47m - 156ft Sloop on sail trials in the North Sea in December 1998.


Hyperion with 18,000 sq ft MPS during St Barts Bucket 2005.

The yacht won the Millennium Cup held in February 2000 for Super yachts in Auckland, New Zealand just prior to the America's Cup, she also won the 2006 Super Yacht Cup In Palma Spain, after 3 days of mixed conditions.

Click here For Link to Hyperion Specs and photos on Royal Huisman Web site.


Hyperion was nominated for The Boat International prestigious "Super Yacht of The Year 1999" award.

The yacht was awarded the "Show Boats International " Award for "Best Sailing Yacht over 38 Meters for 1999".

The yacht was awarded the "Super Yacht Societies" International Super Yachts Design award for best sailing vessel over 36 meters for 1999, and also won the award for Best Interior for a sailing yacht for 1999.


Hyperion beats to weather in the St Barts Bucket race

Jill Borrow- Boat International
"The Titan Hyperion, we are told, fathered Helios, Selene, and Eos, gods of the sun, moon and dawn respectively. The yacht Hyperion has engendered an advance in the science and art and craft of shipbuilding. The yachting cosmos is richer for it."

Marilyn Mower- ShowBoats International
" It's not surprising that the (owner) would like to sail; he is, after all, a physicist by training, and sailing is nothing if not applied physics. But is also a tremendously energetic engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and computer genius. It wouldn't be just and sailboat that could hold his attention"


Hyperion with 18,000 sq ft MPS during St Barts Bucket 2005.

Michael Lewis-author of "The new new thing"
"The boat was forged in the heat of a debate between a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and a Dutch Old Master. And, by some miracle, it turned out beautifully."