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Athena on her maiden Sail trials in the North Sea July 2004

Athena was awarded the "Show Boats International Best Sailing Yacht over 40 Meters" for 2004. This was awarded in Monaco in June 2005.

Athena was nominated also for "Show Boats International Highest Technical achievement in a sailing yacht" and "Best Sailing Yacht Interior".

Athena was awarded the "International Super Yacht Societies International Super Yachts Design best sailing vessel over 36 meters" for 2005, and also won the award for "Best Interior for a sailing yacht" for 2005.


Athena sailing in the Caribbean Jan 2005

As the largest fore and aft rigged 'pleasure' sailing yacht ever to be built, she will be a bench mark yacht for the next and future millenniums.

Extensive use of Computers have been utilised in the design process of Athena. 3D Computer generated views of the engine room helped with equipment placement, piping runs and space utilization.


Looking down from 200ft, what a sight.

In close co-operation, Beeldsnijder, Dijkstra and Prior have researched the 'Golden Age of Sail' for inspiration, whilst retaining a healthy respect for modern aspects of yacht design.

Bridge wings will afford good visibility in harbor and when under sail and generous living spaces will afford the luxuries often only encountered on modern motor yachts.

A dedicated entertainment room and the latest computer technologies will further distinguish Athena, and earn her a place in maritime history.


Her spacious hightech bridge.


Formal Dinning Room


Top Deck media lounge with 72" Plasma screen.


Professional Galley enables her 2 Chefs to perform miracles


Athena on the barge, awaiting transport to the Ocean.


Conceptual drawing by David Barker


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 Dubois 58m out in sunshine for 1st time.